Portfolio Management

JDM Capital has administered and monitored a vast portfolio across the U.S. and consulted on other positions internationally.

JDM Capital offers a number of specialized products, including:

  • Direct Property Acquisition
  • Direct Loan Acquisition
  • Direct Lending Relationships

Qualities of JDM Capital in Real Estate Portfolio Management

  • Flexibility — JDM Capital intends to evaluate the full spectrum of re-development or alternative uses for owned and mortgaged properties with the goal of unlocking the market value of the assets to support the transformation.
  • Assessment — JDM Capital works to identify and communicate to management the opportunities as well as the limitations of each site and building (zoning rights and restrictions, environmental issues, physical conditions, community considerations, etc.).
  • Strategy — JDM Capital actively asset-manages by targeting potential opportunities, providing resources and planning exit strategies.  Ongoing oversight and planning are core elements of how we aim toward achieving desired results.
    Sophistication — JDM Capital has a track record of managing complex transactions and driving results.  Our expertise is founded on years of working with leading U.S. real estate developers, institutions and investors.
  • Off-market opportunity development — JDM Capital leverages proprietary deal pipeline and relationships intended to identify and create off market opportunities in all classes of real estate investment.
  • Established — JDM Capital has established long-term relationships with a wide network of industry professionals, banks and institutions.