Hospitality Management

JDM Capital Hospitality Management Group

JDM Capital Hospitality Management Group  is the hospitality division of JDM CAPITAL CORP., which has been in operation since 2004.

JDM Capital provides a suite of hotel knowledge, experience, implementation and product enhancements to operational services intended to build long-term value by preserving assets as well as to build the consistent production of ongoing income.

Hotel Advisory Services through JDM Capital’s Existing and Long Standing Network of Relationships within the Hospitality Industry

  • These services are intended to assist clients and developers in effectively navigating hospitality opportunities.
  • Bringing to the transaction our prior experience and awareness within the industry, we enjoy access to current hospitality opportunities. We are focused in markets and transactions within the United States.
  • JDM Capital’s Asset Management Services are engaged in advising, negotiating, and completing hospitality transactions for its clients. We are comfortable taking either a leading or supporting role in the discussions and action plans.

To be successful, we believe that a three-part basis of experience is required

  • “Front of the house”
  • “Back of the house “
  • Financial Management and Structuring

This three-part formula brings the grounded capability to evaluate options for increasing the return on investment for existing, to be developed or to be re-positioned hotel assets.
They are the building blocks of a core ability to deliver and create value.

JDM Capital seeks to create business improvement opportunities for hospitality clients with a systematic approach to managing their assets and identifying

  • Budget and financial performance review
  • Micro and macroeconomic benchmarking against relevant competitive sets
  • Revenue management planning and action plans
  • Stacking and Room Rate Planning, Seasonal and Cyclical Analysis
  • Branding and Marketing, Communications and Technology Improvements
  • Capital expenditure planning, review and implementation.
  • Design and traffic flow improvement recommendations
  • Food and Beverage, planning and change implementation
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