Selected Client Services

Real Estate Asset Management and Whole Loan Portfolio Management

We believe JDM Capital can deliver strong capabilities in broad portfolio management, leasing, financing, valuation, servicing, pricing, loss mitigation, and risk management. The firm’s management team is highly experienced in restructuring, cost efficiency planning and the oversight completion of active real estate projects. We believe our value added approach to leasing and management can create an opportunity for improved performance.

Investment, Risk, and Credit Management

JDM Capital has extensive experience in developing and implementing risk management capabilities for a broad range of real estate businesses. Among the services we offer in this area are credit risk management metrics and strategies, market (interest rate) risk management metrics, analytics, and strategies. (Value at Risk, Total Return and Relative Value)

Portfolio Pricing and Valuation

We are of the opinion that significant domain expertise is required to value the wide breath of real estate asset classes. Through its experience and relationships within the real estate industry, JDM Capital has developed systems and processes for direct acquisition of real property, whole loans, market analysis of supply and demand of hard asset and real estate liquidity, value at-risk approaches to loans and servicing solutions and ownership of property.

Advising, Modeling, and Analytics

Skilled in the analysis of properties and their inherent potential, JDM Capital provides asset management level analysis, asset valuation, forecasting, risk attribution, and portfolio risk management for residential and commercial mortgage instruments and portfolios. With its unique capabilities and streamlined access to funds, JDM Capital can assist with the required recapitalization of transactions that meet the funding requirements of its investor sources.

Whole Loan Analysis

Services supporting this aspect of financing include pre-purchase analysis of groups of mortgage loans for pricing, risk, geographic concentration, credit characteristics, and buy-sell recommendations. The firm’s expertise also covers post-acquisition inventory analysis for ongoing credit quality and performance through ongoing asset quality reviews.

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JDM Capital assists clients to develop and strategically plan for a portfolio of structured investments focused on the opportunity to maximize principal security, optimize current yield, and generate new growth.