Business Process Management

JDM Capital provides ongoing analysis of each asset and market.

We produce reports as needed and required that detail investment growth, performance, marketing and up-to-date investment analysis. We believe this combination of active communication and investment management is a key reason JDM Capital has been able to cultivate long-lasting, high-value relationships and establish a sense of trust and confidence among its clients.

JDM Capital offers clients real estate asset, property, leasing and business process management:

  • Asset Management oversight and project management
  • Tenant commercial leasing and negotiations
  • Commercial financing and refinancing options
  • Global market and economic analysis as well as trending details
  • Strategic long term planning for corporate real estate needs (leasing, sub leasing, expansion)
  • Market intelligence and value added pre and post construction planning
  • Property operational process and physical plant review
  • Property capital improvement and efficiency planning; including cost reduction options and “green” enhancements
  • Property management, leasing and marketing process
  • Analyze programmatic options for re-position planning and asset use